About Us

So, you want to know more about the people behind the apps? Well, you're well within your rights to request that. I mean, we are asking you to share some of your net worth with us.

Christopher David Yudichak (Developer) makes the work-y bits.

A web developer by day, Christopher has always been motivated to make life either simpler or more fun. Through software development, he has found a conduit for both desires. With code alone, Christopher is continually searching for problems to solve and clever solutions to showcase to the world.

When not behind his text editor, he spends his time in a little bit of everything. Puzzles, games, music, magic, mystery, language, writing, acting... there"s always something interesting going on.

Diana Perkins (Designer) makes the pretty bits.

What started as an interest in web design has grown into a quest to make the world easier to use. …without sacrificing a glossy finish. Unafraid to tackle new design challenges, Diana has pushed beyond the web into apps, print, and illustration.

After a session with a sketchbook, Diana fills the rest of her time with the cello, video games, reading about design, and volunteering with a group that plays video games for charity.